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Retirement Planning

Q Asia Pacific - Retirement Planning

For people in all walks of life, retirement can be an uncertain prospect. At the very least it raises all kinds of questions concerning personal financial stability and the maintenance of living standards. For those whose work takes them away from their home country, or whose work takes them to a number of different countries during their career, the uncertainty is increased.

Until recently, retirement plans have traditionally offered a restrictive and inadequate package that was expensive to implement and complicated to arrange.


We offer real answers to the problems of finding a simple, flexible retirement benefits package.

Whether you are an expatriate (of any nationality) or an internationally minded person resident in your home country, we offer the possibility of a secure and prosperous retirement. We present you with the opportunity to decide exactly what you want, when you want it and at a level and type of protection you feel is appropriate to your own particular circumstances.

This flexibility means that you can take your international retirement plan with you from employer to employer and country to country. You can increase, decrease or even temporarily suspend your payments, as you decide best. You can choose at what age you wish to retire and you can choose how you wish to receive the money on retirement.

All of which makes for a relaxing retirement, as well as an altogether more flexible and easier way of planning for it.

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