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Invest In Your Own Future

In today’s busy world, savings can be a neglected option. Starting to save regular, now, while you have some surplus income, gives you the opportunity to achieve future goals whilst providing financial security. Our Managed Savings Accounts have the flexibility to meet your needs in providing for your children’s future, mortgage repayments, or simply saving to make your dreams a reality.


Maximizing Investment Opportunities

Achieving higher levels of reward during your working life gives you an ideal opportunity to increase your savings and create considerable personal wealth. Failure to take advantage of higher income, or perhaps lower personal taxation, by establishing a disciplined approach to savings may mean this opportunity is lost.

Our Managed Savings Accounts have been designed for expatriate and international investors to maximize the use of regular income. By combining a tax-efficient and flexible scheme with the performance of expert fund managers, you have the opportunity to build up a significant capita sum for the future.

Our experienced financial advisors work closely with investment companies in the recommendation of offshore savings plans, to identify the key requirements of today’s international investor. Our Managed Savings Accounts seek to satisfy these needs by offering:

  • - Superior investment opportunities
  • - Access to a choice of top performing fund managers
  • - Tax-efficient growth
  • - Flexible payments
  • - A choice of currencies
  • - Value for money
  • - Benefit options at maturity
  • - Access to capital
  • - Enhanced protection
  • - Excellent administration

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